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Please be aware that the document image/tracing index is updated every 15 minutes (at present) during the day, but is NOT a 'live' system
If you cannot find the document you are looking for, please feel free to send us a fax (or phone) request and we will create an entry in the automatic document fulfillment system for you.
Or, if we have ANY record of the move, you can do that yourself here...
Be aware that trying to PRINT a document from the display screen may not produce the result you want.
If you need to print a document, your best result will be to RIGHT-CLICK on the document, SAVE it to your local drive, then OPEN it with any graphics viewer you have -- print from there. ALTERNATELY: RIGHT-CLICK the document: select COPY to put the document in your clipboard : open your usual word processor or graphic manipulation program as another task: PASTE the image into it: ADJUST to fit the page: THEN print from there.
Using OUR 6 digit pro/invoice number is the best way to find something as it is a UNIQUE identifying can probably find it on our invoice, or a faxed notice of some sort that we may have sent you.
If you are entering YOUR reference number, you need to enter it exactly the same way WE entered it, including leading zeros, dashes, letters (CASE sensitive), etc.. That will most likely be the same way it appeared on your prenote.
If you can't find it that way, try the trailer number. Remember -- 4 letters (don't worry about case here - the program will convert to CAPS), a SPACE, then 6 numbers.
NOTE: This system is subject to ongoing development and may not be available from time to time. In that event, please fax or call your document requests in to us.